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Moving and Handling

Our moving and handling conference and workshop is run by A1 risk solutions and will include an exciting combination of sessions, including names such as Deborah Harrison, Melanie Sturman and Carole Johnson. Covering a range of hot topics, such as; Single-Handed Care how to overcoming the many barriers, practical solutions for complex Single-Handed Care, and difficult decisions and managing challenging behaviour.

Carole Johnson -- Freelance Manual Handling Adviser

Carole is a Chartered Physiotherapist working as a Consultant Adviser, specializing in resolution of complex people manual handling by offering assessment, mediation, legal reports and training.

She offers bespoke training in many areas of manual handling. An Honorary and Advanced member of National Back Exchange, she speaks internationally and has written for a number of publications, including the Handling of People (BackCare, 2005, 2011), Guidance on Manual Handling in Physiotherapy (CSP, 2008, 2014) and Manual Handling of Children (NBE, 2011). She was Chairman of National Back Exchange (1999 – 2004), Public Relations Officer (2008 – 2014) and is editor of their journal, Column. In March 2016 she also took on the role as publications officer

Catch Carole talk :-- 14:00 -- 14:50

Finding our way: when making manual handling decisions seems hard' The session will look at simple tools that are available to help us make decisions when we are faced with difficult situations. It will consider ways to get to the 'nub' of the situation and offer holistic advice and support.

Deborah Harrison -- Director of A1 Risk Solutions

Originally a nurse, furthered her studies in moving and handling, ergonomics, worked as an advisor across all sectors.

Now the Director of A1 Risk Solutions, Honorary Lecturer at the University of Salford and involved with research. Deborah created the only online system that has a research and evidence base, it contains 340 videos, accompanying picture and written guidance and books. The system is being adopted across boroughs, across the NHS, councils, care homes and care agencies. Deborah developed Rospa trainer’s packages Level 3 and 4 qualifications in M&H and Single-Handed care.

Catch Deborah talks :-- 10:00 -- 10:50

Single-Handed Care is it suitable for the person with challenging behaviour? A short theory session of about 15 mins followed by 30 minutes or so of practical solutions

11:00 -- 11:50

The development of a hygiene (toilet/access) sling assessment tool to promote safe prescription: A collaborative approach.

Melanie Sturman -- Norfolk County Council

Melanie is a Registered Nurse with a specialist interest in moving and handling.

Melanie graduated with a MSc in Back Care Management in 2008, specialising in plus size handling, falls management and supporting individuals with dementia and challenging behaviour. Melanie has written numerous articles for health and social care journals and was co-author of the Handling of People 6th Edition. Melanie is a regular speaker at national and international events. Melanie supports clinical staff with complex moving and handling assessments, building adaptations and training of care staff as part of her role in Norfolk Council. Melanie also provides expert witness support.

Catch Melanie talks :-- 10:00 -- 10:50

Is it challenging behaviour, behaviour that challenges or distress? There are 850,000 people with dementia living in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over one million by 2025 and soaring to two million by 2051. This session will explore the definitions of behaviour, identifying the antecedents that could lead to distress. Delegates will learn practical tips and tricks and a strategy tool kit to support individuals who have dementia and ways of managing distress.

Postural Management

New for 2018 RISE will hold its very own postural management conference. The conference will compromise of 5 seminars covering a variety of subjects to educate and increase CPD on postural management. Our time table will include key subjects such as: assessment and equipment prevision within the community, night time positioning, specialist seating, pressure care, safety etc. Which will be delivered by known guest speakers within the industry.

Amanda -- SafeSpaces

Amanda (SafeSpaces) - Safe living and sleeping environments for people with learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Amanda's role as a Product Advisor brings her into daily contact with parents, carers, health and education professionals, who are seeking solutions for issues affecting adults & children with a wide range of needs. She will share this experience of other families in the form of case studies, showing how effective solutions can be identified. Amanda has a background in product development and training.

Catch Amanda talks :-- 11:00 -- 11:50

Amanda will explain how soft, customised, safe rooms and high sided beds can provide an appropriate environment for sensory integration, behaviour self management, or treatment.Amanda will show how people with challenging behaviour, sensory processing difficulties, or lack of awareness of risk can have their needs addressed by appropriate adaptations.

OT Integration

This year’s Occupational Therapy Integration Theatre will provide a fabulous opportunity for all of the Occupational Therapy staff in Health, Housing and Social Care to come together to showcase their specialist areas of practise and share the great work that they are doing.

Housing And Adaptation

New for this year is the “housing zone”, where various integrated projects will be shared and opportunities to explore the great creative work and support District/Borough Councils and housing can offer the public directly or through its partnerships with the Home Improvement Agencies, Health and Social Care.

Resourcing & Identifying Suitable Equipment Conference & Exhibition

Covering all ranges of disability & abilities

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12th July 2018
Peterborough Arena
East of England Showground
9:30am - 4pm
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