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list of exhibitors

  • A1 -- Disability Peterborough
  • A10 -- Topro
  • A4 -- Armon Products
  • A5 -- Made2Aid
  • A7 -- TBC Conversions
  • B1 -- Brig Ayd Controls Ltd
  • B2 -- Lewis Reed
  • B3 -- Active Mobility
  • B4 -- Clarke Mobility
  • B5 -- Sunrise Medical
  • B6 -- The Mobility Aids Centre
  • B7 -- Tec Angels
  • B8 -- AAT GB
  • B9 -- Theraposture
  • B10 -- Easy Rise
  • B11 -- NRS Healthcare
  • B12 -- Shape Seating
  • B13 -- Medicotech
  • B15 -- QEF
  • B17 -- BHTA
  • B18 -- Family Fund
  • B19 -- Wheelpower
  • B20 -- Peterborough CVS
  • B21 -- Review My Wheelchair
  • B22 -- DeafblindUK
  • B23 -- Shine Charity
  • B24 -- Freedom Wheelchair Skills
  • B25 -- The Wilf Ward Family Trust
  • C1 -- Ambre Stone
  • C1 -- Posture Care/ Hugga
  • C3 -- Incy Wincy
  • C6 -- Nopac Midlands
  • C11 -- Dolphin Mobility
  • C12 -- RNIB
  • C13 -- Quantum Healthcare Products
  • C16 -- Symmetrikit
  • C17 -- Laybrook
  • C19 -- DS&P Mobility Electronics
  • C20 -- NCORE
  • C21 -- Unified Payroll
  • C22 -- Handicare
  • C23 -- Clos- O- Matt
  • C24 -- Accora
  • C25 -- Rails Direct
  • C28 -- AKW Ltd
  • C30 -- Keysafe
  • C31 -- Cross Key Homes
  • C33 -- Eastern Group UK
  • C34 -- Green Stair Lifts
  • D1 -- Centrobed
  • D2 -- Nurture By Bentley
  • D3 -- A1 Risk Solutions
  • D5 -- Etac R82
  • D9 -- Reval
  • D10 -- Activiate For Kids
  • D11 -- Safespaces
  • D12 -- Jacqueline Webb
  • D15 -- MG Retail Consulting
  • D16 -- ESL Services
  • D17 -- Triton Showers
  • D26 -- Whizz Kidz


Moving and Handling

Our moving and handling conference and workshop is run by A1 risk solutions and will include an exciting combination of sessions, including names such as Deborah Harrison, Melanie Sturman and Carole Johnson. Covering a range of hot topics, such as; Single-Handed Care how to overcoming the many barriers, practical solutions for complex Single-Handed Care, and difficult decisions and managing challenging behaviour.

Carole Johnson -- Freelance Manual Handling Adviser

Carole is a Chartered Physiotherapist working as a Consultant Adviser, specializing in resolution of complex people manual handling by offering assessment, mediation, legal reports and training.

She offers bespoke training in many areas of manual handling. An Honorary and Advanced member of National Back Exchange, she speaks internationally and has written for a number of publications, including the Handling of People (BackCare, 2005, 2011), Guidance on Manual Handling in Physiotherapy (CSP, 2008, 2014) and Manual Handling of Children (NBE, 2011). She was Chairman of National Back Exchange (1999 – 2004), Public Relations Officer (2008 – 2014) and is editor of their journal, Column. In March 2016 she also took on the role as publications officer

Catch Carole talk :-- 14:00 -- 14:50

Finding our way: when making manual handling decisions seems hard' The session will look at simple tools that are available to help us make decisions when we are faced with difficult situations. It will consider ways to get to the 'nub' of the situation and offer holistic advice and support.

Deborah Harrison -- Director of A1 Risk Solutions

Originally a nurse, furthered her studies in moving and handling, ergonomics, worked as an advisor across all sectors.

Now the Director of A1 Risk Solutions, Honorary Lecturer at the University of Salford and involved with research. Deborah created the only online system that has a research and evidence base, it contains 340 videos, accompanying picture and written guidance and books. The system is being adopted across boroughs, across the NHS, councils, care homes and care agencies. Deborah developed Rospa trainer’s packages Level 3 and 4 qualifications in M&H and Single-Handed care.

Catch Deborah talks :-- 10:00 -- 10:50

Single-Handed Care is it suitable for the person with challenging behaviour?

A short theory session of about 15 mins followed by 30 minutes or so of practical solutions

11:00 -- 11:50
The development of a hygiene (toilet/access) sling assessment tool to promote safe prescription:
A collaborative approach.

Deborah Harrison & Melanie Sturman

Melanie is a Registered Nurse with a specialist interest in moving and handling.

Melanie graduated with a MSc in Back Care Management in 2008, specialising in plus size handling, falls management and supporting individuals with dementia and challenging behaviour. Melanie has written numerous articles for health and social care journals and was co-author of the Handling of People 6th Edition. Melanie is a regular speaker at national and international events. Melanie supports clinical staff with complex moving and handling assessments, building adaptations and training of care staff as part of her role in Norfolk Council. Melanie also provides expert witness support.

Catch Melanie talks :-- 11:00 -- 10:50

Sit to Stand transfers using a graded approach to moving and handling
The session will explore different techniques and varying pieces of equipment to assist the person to stand. This session will address when would you use the equipment, especially if the person has varying ability. Using the community BMAT tool as part the paid or informal carers process can assist them make that decision. Come along take part in the session and collect your copy of the community BMAT assessment tool.

Postural Management

New for 2018 RISE will hold its very own postural management conference. The conference will compromise of 5 seminars covering a variety of subjects to educate and increase CPD on postural management. Our time table will include key subjects such as: assessment and equipment prevision within the community, night time positioning, specialist seating, pressure care, safety etc. Which will be delivered by known guest speakers within the industry.

Deana Alzapiedi -- Physiotherapist

Deana Alzapiedi - Trial and tribulations of postural management in a community setting

I am v a Band 7 Physiotherapist working at NELFT in a Community Rehabilitation Team. I qualified in 1989 and have worked for the past 29 years
in a mainly community setting. I have worked in community paediatrics for 15 years specialising in complex neurological conditions and integrating children
into mainstream schools. I have worked for 3 years in a hospital for profound physical & learning disabilities and was part of the team that closed it & enabled people to live in the community.
I have worked for 2 years in a Specialist Nursing Home for people with profound physical disabilities. I have been working for the past 10 years with an Integrated Care Team as an Adult Community Physiotherapist.
My main areas of interest are Postural Management/ upper limb recovery with dynamic splinting and enabling independence. I am retiring this year after an amazingly varied career.

Catch Deana talks :-- 10:00 -- 10:50

Mark Amos -- AAT

With over 17 years experience within the healthcare industry, working side by side with Occupational therapist and physiotherapists to find solutions for their clients. Knowledge in postural supports and postural needs.

Catch Mark talk :-- 11:15 -- 12:00
A product guide to 24 hour postural management

Stabilo could be the answer to solving a number of postural support issues for patients over a 24hr period. A head to toe approach enables you to give the support and comfort your patient requires from a simple, yet effective solution. Product ranges from a simple arm support through to a complete customisable sleep system. We can also give you the desired postural support while bathing. Seeing is believing........... start thinking outside the box.

Amanda -- SafeSpaces

Amanda (SafeSpaces) - Safe living and sleeping environments for people with learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Amanda's role as a Product Advisor brings her into daily contact with parents, carers, health and education professionals, who are seeking solutions for issues affecting adults & children with a wide range of needs. She will share this experience of other families in the form of case studies, showing how effective solutions can be identified. Amanda has a background in product development and training.

Catch Amanda talks :-- 13:30 -- 14:20
Safe living and sleeping environments for people with learning difficulties and behavioural issues
Amanda will explain how soft, customised, safe rooms and high sided beds can provide an appropriate environment for sensory integration, behaviour self management, or treatment.Amanda will show how people with challenging behaviour, sensory processing difficulties, or lack of awareness of risk can have their needs addressed by appropriate adaptations.

James Leinhardt-- Posture Care

Married with four sons, james was approached by two neuro physios to help create the Hugga Sleep System back in 2012. His extensive background in polyurethane foam has helped in understanding the relationship between what we lie on and how that affects our posture. Having worked extensively throughout the country with leading physios and OT’s James is becoming regarded as an expert in posture and night time positioning. Most recently he has collaborated with an in bed management system to create the perfect night time positioning and moving and handling equipment for single handed care all in one product.

Catch James talk :-- 12:00 -- 12:50
Night Time positioning: - Posture care, Pressure care and Handling with care, without compromise!

The Posture Care workshop will provide information to support practitioners when considering 24-hour postural care needs, with a focus on night time positioning, moving and handling and how that can work in a single handed care setting. The session will discuss the aims of 24-hr postural care, the impact on daily routines and what to consider when assessing for appropriate equipment along with an overview of the funding landscape. Finishing with a practical element to the workshop using the universal sleep system “The Hugga,” and our compatible in bed management system.

Therapy Integration

This year’s Therapy Integration Theatre will provide a fabulous opportunity for all of the Therapist in Health, Housing and Social Care to come together to showcase their specialist areas of practise and share the great work that they are doing.

Debroah Watson & Ruth Farrar(Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Trust)

Deborah Watson has worked in the field of adults with a learning disability for 23 years and has been a lead occupational therapist (job share) in Cambridgeshire for 4 years. Deborah has worked in both community and inpatients settings. Ruth Farrar has been practicing Occupational Therapy for 15 years, after a brief time working in physical health, she moved into Forensic mental health working at Rampton Hospital on the DSPD project. In addition to this Ruth has trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and was part of the team delivering individual therapy and skills group training.

Catch Deborah talk :-- 10:15am - 11:00pm
Sensory approaches in both a mental health and learning disability setting

Faye Gower-Smith (Clinical Consultant for Norfolk ICES)

Faye has been the Clinical Consultant for the Norfolk ICES for 4 years. She qualified as an Occupational Therapist 16 years ago, and has worked mainly in social care. As a member of National Association of Equipment providers, she has contributed to regional guidance relating to the prescription of equipment

Catch Faye talk :-- 11:15am - 12:00pm
Services to support bariatric patients

Moving & Handling: Services to support bariatric patients and good practice Norfolk Integrated Community Equipment Service Team and its approach to supporting bariatric patients

Aaron McGonigle -- JacquelineWebb

Aaron McGonigle is the Recruitment Consultant at Jacqueline Webb. His background is non-clinical and focuses on recruitment and training with a number of years’ experience in management.

Celia Talamo is an independent Occupational therapist and generalist Expert Witness at Jacqueline Webb. Celia has been an Expert with Jacqueline Webb since 2012 and has been working in independent practice since 2012. Her area of specialism in Expert work includes; physical disability including multiple trauma, fractures and orthopaedic conditions and upper and lower limb amputations.

Catch Aaron talk :-- 12:30 -- 13:30
The World of Expert Witness

As an Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Physiotherapist or Speech and Language Therapist, do you want to use your established skills in an exciting and challenging industry whilst maintaining your current clinical role? Expert work can offer this along with continuous, collaborative professional development and much more. The session is a brief introduction to the world of the Expert Witness. This area is not an avenue many clinicians are aware of and this presentation will aim to educate what Expert work involves as well as highlight some of skills needed to be an Expert. The session covers

  • The role of an Expert Witness.
  • The responsibilities of an Expert Witness.
  • Examples of Assessment.
  • Examples of what is included in the report.
  • The next steps
The session will be presented by both Aaron and Celia with a brief opportunity to ask questions at the end. However they will be available at the Jacqueline Webb stand, before and after the session for more information.

Gita Prasad and Lea Littleford (Norwich Integrated Commissioning Team)

Progress in Personal Health Budgets for People who use WheelchairsNHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group/Norfolk County Council Gita Prasad and Lea Littleford (Norwich Integrated Commissioning Team) Gita is a Head of Integrated Commissioning for Norfolk County Council with portfolios for Integrated Community Equipment, Housing with Care and people with Physical Disabilities Lea is an Integrated Commissioning Manager for Norfolk County Council with portfolios for Personal Health Budgets, Voluntary/Third Sector Providers and Promoting Independence.

Catch Gita & Lea talk :-- 13:45 - 14:30
Progress in Personal Health Budgets for People who use Wheelchairs

Progress in Personal Health Budgets for People who use Wheelchairs Norwich CCG story on its journey how they have become an NHS Champion Site for Wheelchair PHB and how the offer personal health budgets to all customers of the Wheelchair Services Team, and how choice helps promote wellbeing and independence for the individual.

Helen Nku (Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist)

Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in a wide variety of settings including community, acute, mental health and overseas

Catch Helen :-- 15:00 - 15:45
Developing an Early Intervention Vehicle in partnership with East of England Ambulance Trust

An overview of the development of an Early Intervention Vehicle in partnership with the East of England Ambulance Trust.

Independence at home theatre

Russ Carr- Care & Repair Service Manager, Peterborough City Council

I have worked for the Council for 29 years in various roles many which supported vulnerable people. I became manager of Care & Repair over 10 years ago and have overseen the Agency on it road to becoming a multiple national award winner. I am a qualified, experienced Manager with extensive knowledge and experience in the Housing and Social Care Sectors.

Catch Russ talk :-- 10:15 -- 11:00
Care & Repair Home Improvement Agency

Case Studies, Videos & Handyperson Services

Sarah Humphries- Occupational Therapy Reablement Team, Peterborough City Council

Sarah completes holistic assessments of reablement clients who are struggling to manage activities of daily living. This includes; goal setting; adaptations; and equipment provision, to increase independence thus enabling clients to remain living at home.

Catch Sarah Humphries 11:00 - 11:30
Reablement Service - A Day in the Life of a Reablement Support Worker

Presentation/ Opportunity for recruitment message/Posters/Banner/p>

Liam Dixon- Housing Programmes Officer, Peterborough City Council , Matthew Mitchell, Green Energy Switch

Helping local authorities, housing associations, landlords & trusts to tackle fuel poverty & create sustainable places. Responsible for resident and community engagement at an award-winning profit-for-purpose organisation. Tackling fuel poverty is at the heart of everything we do, creating greener, happier and healthier places to live. Green Energy Switch is a subsidiary enterprise of the environmental charity PECT, with all profits gift-aided to innovative sustainability projects of local, regional and national significance, enabling change for a smarter future

Catch Sarah Humphries 11:00 - 11:30
LEAP - Local Energy Advice Programmes

Presentation on this Fuel Poverty Outreach Service plus an opportunity to sign up residents for a home assessment

Joseph Matthews- Falls Prevention Wellness Coach, Healthy Peterborough

I have been working with older adults in falls prevention for the last 2 years in both 1:1 consultations and group exercise sessions. I am trained in both Strength and Balance and Chair Based Exercise and I am passionate about helping older adults achieve their exercise goals.

Catch Joseph Matthews 12:00 - 12:45
Strength & Balance Class

The talk will be about strength and balance training and how this can be used to help older adults prevent falls. There will also be a chance for the audience to take part in some exercises.

Carol Farrar- Head of Therapy Services, Peterborough City Council , Occupational Therapy Assessment of Home Environment

Catch Carol Farrar 12:45 - 13:15
Strength & Balance Class

Tracey Lowndes- Service Manager for Care & Lifeline, Cross Key Homes

Tracey is the Service Manager for Care and LifeLine, providing joined up solutions for people to help them live independently for longer. Tracey oversees the Community Care Service, Extra Care Services and a LifeLine team who monitor and install LifeLine alarms and other pieces of assistive technology to meet the differing needs of customers.

Catch Tracey Lowndes 13:00 - 13:45
Your Care, Your Way

Find out how CKH Care can help you live the life you want to with its LifeLine personal alarm and community care service.

Tracey Williamson, British Red Cross, : Kelly Eaton- Gray, British Red Cross,

Catch Tracey Williamson 13:45 - 14:15
British Red Cross

Help to live independently at home/after a stay in hospital and Admissions Avoidance

Vivian Beck- Service Manager, Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Vivian is Service Manager with Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough. Previously Vivian worked as Dementia Adviser for the Alzheimer’s Society in Cambridgeshire, and as Team Leader for the Good Neighbours Scheme with Age Concern Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan in Wales. Before working in the Voluntary Sector, Vivian worked in various marketing and market research roles in the publishing industry.

Catch Vivian Beck 14:15 - 14:45
Age UK service delivery across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough offer a wide range of services, including Information & Advice, practical services, day services, and our “Sharing Time” scheme which offers friendship visits to older people

The Home Service Delivery Model brings together Reablement, Therapy (including Occupational Therapy and Sensory Rehabilitation), Assistive Technology (AT), Care and Repair and Housing Programmes and is an offer with less rigid demarcation between professionals, which enables services to be delivered holistically to meet people’s needs focused on prevention and early intervention and streamlining the customer pathway. The model of service delivery reduces existing duplication and multiple handoffs to drive efficiencies through demand management, which will contribute to the council’s strategic objective to reduce pressure on tier three specialist services. The model was developed to improve or maintain people’s independence, to support people to recover from illness or injury and help people relearn lost skills or abilities. The model is proactive and preventative.

Care and Repair

Care and Repair is Peterborough City Council’s in-house Home Improvement Agency. Its purpose is to provide assistance and support to disabled adults and children, elderly, frail and vulnerable residents to adapt, repair and maintain their homes to enable them to live safely and independently. A range of services, programmes and grants are provided to support residents with their physical housing needs and to support independent living such as Disabled Facility Grants, Repair Assistance Grants, Minor Aids and Adaptations and advice and practical support such as fund-raising, state benefit entitlement checks, referrals to heating and insulation schemes and relocation assistance.


Peterborough City Council Reablement Service is a short-term support service, designed to help maintain independence at home or increase independence following a period of ill health and/or planned or unplanned hospital admission. The main focus is on improving people’s health and well-being, autonomy and confidence through providing support and encouragement to meet identified goals thereby reducing the need for ongoing care and support.
The team’s client group is those aged 18 upwards, who have been assessed as requiring short term-support to help them return to the level of independence they had before they became unwell, or to their personal new level of independence. The Reablement Service operates seven days a week from 07:00 to 22:00, 365 days a year. This is a free service for up to six weeks, however clients that require an ongoing package of care, will be financially assessed to see if they are required to contribute towards the ongoing cost.

Therapy Service

The therapy services provide assessment of daily function with people with sensory, physical and/or learning disability and their carers and assists with continuing rehabilitation /reablement of a person who has for example been newly registered with a sensory impairment, recovering from a period of ill health or injury or who has had a deterioration from an existing long term condition. The therapy service will establish if a person will benefit from a period of rehabilitation and agree a programme of activities to improve function with the person, teach adaptive techniques and identify and order equipment as part of the overall enablement of people they are working with. They provide the assessment of a client’s need for all complex Disabled Facilities Grants. Most of the therapy team is made up qualified occupational therapists and support staff but there is also a small team dedicated for the Sensory Support referrals for visual and hearing impairment.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) service identifies devices and equipment that can assist individuals and support their carers. Assistive Technology plays an important part in preventative measures to manage or minimise risk, including personal safety, home safety, falls prevention and medication management. It supports carers by providing reassurance, peace of mind and reducing stress so they can better manage the demands of their own home and work life alongside their caring role.
Assistive Technology enables people to live at home independently for longer by providing technologies that make their homes more safe and secure. In the context of increasing demographic pressures, there is a clear imperative to embrace up to date, cost effective and evidence based technology interventions that have demonstrable financial benefits. Telecare fits squarely into these categories. It is recognised that assistive technology is useful at home and can also be used in various care homes settings. As part of the Home Service Delivery Model Assistive Technology will become the default option, when assessing for packages of care. If Assistive Technology is not utilised in care packages the rationale for this approach will need to be evidenced.

Housing Programmes

The team are responsible for the monitoring of the capital programmes and the decision making process on the most suitable course of action for both grant funded adaptations and remedial repairs to address high risk poor property condition, including the feasibility of large scale, complex adaptations or alternative housing solutions to meet residents long term housing needs. The team also the deliver energy efficiency and fuel poverty projects both directly and with external partners. They are responsible for the delivery and quality monitoring of the Housing Related Support grants to external providers and developing and implementing the Housing Renewals Policy, Affordable Warmth Strategy and Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) Progress Reports.
They are responsible for commissioning Private Sector Stock Condition Reports and maintaining a database of the energy efficiency of domestic dwellings. They act in a coordinating role for the provision of assistance to address property condition/hazards within the home to enable discharge from hospital/reablement/interim care by instructing Care & Repair to deliver discretionary disabled facility grants to vulnerable owner occupiers or accessing ASC ISP funding for social tenants.


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Resourcing & Identifying Suitable Equipment Conference & Exhibition

Covering all ranges of disability & abilities

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12th July 2018
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9:30am - 4pm
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