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12th July 2018
Peterborough Arena
East of England Showground
9:30am - 4pm
Free Admission

What's On at RISE for service users

Inspire Peterborough is a project of Disability Peterborough, a local registered disability charity. Inspire Peterborough promotes sport and leisure activities, as well as promoting Health and Well-being initiatives and support for disabled people and their family members and carers. Building upon the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will support and inspire all disabled people in Peterborough to have better life outcomes through participating in sport, leisure activities and volunteering. We aim to be:
  • First point of contact for anyone interested in disability sports or leisure activities
  • Signpost to opportunities, advice and information
  • Provider of a service for anyone who is interested in volunteering
Insprire Peterborough will be bringing you some amazing local groups such as
  • Oak Activities with the giant inflatable football darts board and wheelchair basketball
  • Campol Police Boxing with a boxing ring
  • If Me Inclusion Coaching with boccia
  • Special Olympics with golf, horseriding (wooden)
  • Special Olympics Rhythmic gymnastics display
  • Solutions 4 Health Healthchecks and Healthy Living advice via the Wellness on Wheels bus
  • Peterborough City Rowing Club indoor rowing
  • Amilly Fitness gym and seated exercise


Abilty and Advice

The Ability and advice theatre

Tabitha -- When Your Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Gone

At the age of 32 Tabitha was healthy, until one morning when she woke up with no feeling or movement from the waist down. 4 years on there is still no reason as to why she became a full time wheelchair user overnight. Tabitha set up Wheely Brits in November 2016 so that people who have disabilities could meet and support each other through an understanding network. In a little over 18 months, over 2500 members provide support, advice, friendship and empathy to other UK wheelchair users and their carers.

Catch Tabitha talk :--

Tabitha will be talking about the challenges of living with no diagnosis, and the importance of having good networks of people who you can turn to, people who understand about living life with a disability.

Graham -- Making it easier for disabled people to fly

Graham Race is a pioneer in the field of access to commercial flight for disabled people, having designed the award winning MERU TravelChair and setting up QEF’s ‘Tryb4uFly’. Tryb4uFly provides information, confidence and practical demonstration for disabled people who are considering flying. Graham is passionate about the role that aviation can play to inspire independence and achieve life goals.

Catch Graham Race talk :--

Have you booked a flight or are you considering flying this summer? Join us as we unpick your journey by air and showcase the help and support that is available at UK airports and once on board. From making a booking, to arriving at the airport, moving through security, and then boarding – we give you top tips to improve your passenger experience and increase your confidence to choose flying as a means of transport.

Christopher Williams -- TBC

Hello, my name's Adam and I'm an alcoholic!"...oh yes, I'm also an ex-drug addict, ex serious self harmer, ex-homeless, ex-convict and ex-family man and business failure! After 25 years of drug abuse I decided I had to turn my life around. I needed to change before I died. I developed, due to drug use and a couple of major personal events, Loss Adjustment Disorder and Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder. This was a 'tall order', an invisible mountain that I simply couldn't get past. However, I did! I developed a system and detox diet that got me off everything in less than 4 weeks. I then became a Master Life Coach, An NLP Practitioner, A Global Public Speaker, A Qualified Teacher AND Teacher Trainer. Then I became a Counsellor and then, the most important...I had a VAST amount of experience in the field of addiction and mental health. With all my training I am now the recognised "Go-To-Guru" for anyone who must (not should) change their life, NOW! You will come to me in pieces but leave with internal happiness, freedom and a purpose! Get inspired and attend my talk.

Catch Christopher Williams talk :--


Dominic Lund -- Review My Wheelchair Live

Dominic is a wheelchair user of over 25 years lived experience. With over 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, Dominic runs Review My Wheelchair – a unique resource that provides reviews that involve the user.

Catch Dominic Lund talk :--

Join us for Review My Wheelchair Live, where we’ll be undertaking a review and a quick look at wheelchairs in the countryside. Let us know if you’re looking forward to it using #rmwcLIVE – as well as following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Support Groups

Individuals can come together for sharing coping strategies, to feel more empowered and for a sense of community as RISE is working with these groups to publish there services. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks.

Funding Avenues

In providing a comprenhensive service we understand that funding equipment and services can be a long and tricky process from both the NHS and priviatly purchased. We aim to bring you avenues that will hopefully help you speed up this process as well as making it possible to have access to equipment and services.

Many UK charities and trusts provide grants to help with extra costs of ill health and disability


AAT Abacus Accora Athona BHTA CalvertTrust CentraGroup Centrobed ChaileyHeritageFoundation ClarkeMobility ClosOMatt CrossKeyHomes CycloneMobility DanMedicaSouth DeafBlind DolphinLifts DS%26P ERMobility ESL Etac FindAVoice FreedomWheelchairSkills Geberit Handicare HigherElevation HiKent ImpeyShowers JacquelineWebb JanshopMobility Joerns Karoben KCO Keysafe KWTherapy Laybrook LewisReed LifestyleMobility MCLKent Medicotech MGRetailConsulting Muggi NCORE Neater NRSHealthcare PrecisionRehab QEF QuantumHealthcareProducts ReviewMyWheelchair Rhino Ropox Safespaces Sensorykraft SGN Shine Symmetrikit TBCConversions TecAngel TheChildrensTrust Theraposture Timo TritionShowers WealdenRehab

12th July 2018
Peterborough Arena
East of England Showground
9:30am - 4pm
Free Admission

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